Raw Writing Masterclass Sparking the Fire, Staying Inspired with Damian Le Bas (Sunday)(Zoom)

In this masterclass Damian explores tips, tricks and secrets for kickstarting your writing, working up a head of steam, and keeping going through the various stages of primary creation, redrafting and cutting material. This is the rhythmic working life of a writer and we all have to make friends with it, but sometimes it’s not easy, whatever stage of our writing life we are in. We’ll look at taking the fear out of a blank page and seeing in it a magical summons to create. In contrast to ideas of writer’s block, we’ll explore how writing can be a loyal friend that helps the writer to navigate challenging life circumstances. A key matter discussed in this class will be keeping an eye on the pieces of writing that truly inspire you and knowing which prompts will spark you into action. Writing is all about finding a path that works for you and by the end of this session we hope you will feel more empowered to keep constructing your path and keep it feeling enchanted.

Sunday 25th August 19.00-20.30
Raw Writing

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